One of the essential features you will need to consider when hunting for a living room rug is to see if the furniture will go well with it. The rug serves as an anchorage for your furniture because it draws certain items together, due to that, I must carefully consider the relationship between the furnishings and the area rugs for my western home.

You can place your furniture in four different classic ways:

All your furniture including the chairs, couch, and any small tables are positioned on the rug. Endeavor to get a huge sized rug for this – at least 9” x 12”.

Some of the furniture is positioned on the rug. Though the couch is placed on the rug, the best place to place the side tables is the floor. Go for 8” by 10” dimension.

Half of the furnishings are placed on the rug. The front legs of the chairs and couch are positioned on the rug while the back legs are off the rug. Just make sure that the patterns and colors complement each other. Again, an 8” x 10” rug is ideal for this approach.

None of the furniture is placed on the rug. In this case, a small rug is positioned at the center of the furniture arrangement. Ideal for making the rug as the center of attraction, or if your space is more compact and constricted. Try a small rug with 4” x 6” dimension.

Thinking about the room sides and edges

If you want to get a rug with large covering area like the large 12’ by 15’ area rugs, it is important to get the right proportion that will perfectly suit the border of the room. For instance, a dimension between 12” to 18” is considered as an ideal gap between the skirting and the rug.

Nonetheless, if there is furniture positioned at the walls (a bureau or sideboard) how do you want to place this rug? You have to consider these factors before you purchase a large rug.

Rug or rugs?

You might need to get more than one rug. If you are using it to create a large space or divide it, you could position one of the rugs in the seating section and another under a desk, grand piano or a table. You might even include at least a runner in the arrangement to help direct the flow of movement through space.

If you want to create a cozy and comfortable area in your living, layer the rugs. A smaller rug available in a different shape or contrasting color placed on top of a larger one will create a luxurious and fantastic design. If you want to create an elegant look, first select the larger rug to ensure that the border is covered fully by the second rug.

Another way to get the ideal size of area rug that suits your needs and specifications is to utilize an old bed sheet. Simply divide the bed sheet into various rug sizes, and place it on your living room floor. This will give you an insight into how certain sizes of the rug can match and complement your furniture. Use these tips to get the best way of placing the area rug.