Screen printing which is also referred to as silk printing is one of the foremost styles of printing which involves transferring ink via a mesh screen and on a jersey. The screen is pressed on the jersey with the number and name engraved from the screen, ink is passed onto the screen and the ink is pushed by a roller with the aid of the number and name openings that have been engraved onto the jersey. If you need great customized screen printing, then you should log onto the Teesnow website.

If you plan on improving the level of camaraderie then you should opt for screen printing. A way of printing any message you want onto your jersey is offered by these companies. You can opt for a specific message that will be appealing to the teammates in a way that cannot be effectively captured by any other message. There are a number of different methods of making use of this to improve camaraderie.


If you plan on making the supporters livelier at the matches, it is an amazing idea to inscribe the logo and name of the team on a small hand towel with the aid of screen printing services. Although this is not really something that is done at sporting events. However, supporters shout happily and wave towels above their heads when the team does something that is interesting. With so many towels being waved around in a full stadium, the whole atmosphere will have an interesting and festive feel to it.


First, shirts can be designed for all the supporters of the team and for everyone who is a member of the team. Digital printing for tees can be done by making use of the name and logo of the team. One way of achieving inclusiveness is to make different members of the to be a part of the team’s development by, for example, making them create a logo that they would love to be designed on the t-shirt. This makes them feel like they are members of the team because they will feel like they contributed towards creating an identity for the team.

Other Kinds of Clothing

You should keep your mind open with regards to the kind of clothes that you make use of. There are a number of options that should be considered and different kinds of people find them appealing. You want to provide the supporters with clothes that they would like to wear in the bid to increase the likelihood of them dressing in those clothes and carrying the feeling of camaraderie with them wherever they go. Here are some of the alternatives you should consider;

  1. Sweat Pant. The name of the team can be designed on the legs of the pants. This is something supporters of cold weather sports such as hockey and football love.
  2. Socks. They tend to give the supporters a kind of connection to the team.
  3. Headbands. These are often worn by supporters with long hair. The logo can be placed beautifully in the middle of the headband.