When looking to select a personalized name bracelet, it is always incredibly difficult due to the numerous choices out there. So, the reason for this article is to highlight some of the important things that should reflect on your relationship bracelets and the features to consider in an engraver.

Initial Bracelet

The first style is the initial bracelet. This choice is a popular one and it usually features the first two initials of the individual’s name. It also carries on the tradition of old wooden tree carving among couples; the initials coupled with a heart symbol different from another set of initials is another choice popular among couples.

Name Bracelets

This style is fashionable especially if you have a unique name as well as personalized gifts. The true fact is that lots of companies just produce bracelets engraved with basic names with the most common spellings which might not cover a lot of people. This is the reason why you should consider the personalized name bracelets. You can write out anything on the bracelets between 8 to 14 characters. You can even inscribe a symbol on your name. This is adorable especially if you are presenting a gift, either to you alone or for the both of you.

Forms of the symbols include hearts, “and” symbols, peace symbols, quotes, slashes and periods can also be incorporated into the bracelets to give you a special look.

Phrase Bracelets

The slim cuff design is appropriate for this, you can be innovative. A nice combo is names, heart as well as a name. Another is a date incorporated with sports teams, symbols, phrases like peace/love/hope, and other foreign language terms. There are numerous things that can be done with this item, a nice tip is to write a message with 14 characters on a single sheet of paper with a pen to enable you get what it will look like when transferred to the bracelet.

Any good online platform should be able to provide lots of examples to enable you exploit your imagination. So, check their websites for good examples.

Always remember that the engraved bracelets are crafted by hand in the USA with the use of a rotary tool to inscribe the message onto the leather. Once you tell the engraver about the message you want to pass across via the bracelet, the engraver ensures that the work is done perfectly and uniquely. Generally, the work will be completed before 48 hours.

Bangle bracelets are elegant items and women always like to wear them. Colored stone bracelets are also adorned by women as they tend to complement their personality with bright colors and are very classy and trendy. In short, a bracelet is an item that you should never hide from, as asides from bringing in the style and class to your outfit, it also complements your entire personality as well.

There are several ways you can customize these bracelets, and we hope that this article has cleared your doubt and also given you some ideas.