Do you recall that amazing pop-up on your blog or web page? The animations and the cute creatures? It is without a doubt that you like them. However, if you are planning to have them right in front of your eyes and have a feel of them, Kawaii squishies are available for you. You can see a collection of them on this page

What exactly are squishies?

A very few might have knowledge of the name, but almost everyone has seen one of these around them and they most definitely have adored them. Squishies are referred to as soft toys for kids, they come in various shapes and sizes and their designs are very adorable. Nonetheless, there is much knowledge out there to be acquired. Why exactly do you want them or why are these soft toys very cute? Squishies in their basic form are stylish and adorable, a percentage of people refer to them as squeezable soft toys. It is very much similar to the popular stress balls. They are one of the best gift options for kids. Adults, on the other hand, are not left out. They can also benefit from these cute toys.

There are endless types of squishies that you will find. There are varieties that you will find, most especially you will come across squishies that are somewhat related to food items, pop cultures, and animals.

Squishies also vary not just in physical appearance and design. If you are buying squishies for the first time, here are three major types of squishies that you can find.

  1.    Buns

The buns are the most popular type of squishies that you can find both online and in physical stores. Buns are not bigger than the size of your palm and it usually, comes with a strap, a chain, or a dust bag. It’s a great choice if you are looking for squishies that you can bring anywhere and can act as your stress reliever. The most popular and best-selling bun squishies are the panda buns. Just leave it dangling in your phone, purse, or bag, and you’re good to go.

  1.    Ibloom

When it comes to the price, Iblooms can be a bit pricey for squishy toys. However, it is worth every single cent of your investment because Ibloom is made out of super soft material. Unlike other squishy toys, Ibloom products are slow-rising. It can give you the satisfaction that you are looking for if your sole purpose of buying a squishy toy is to reduce your level of stress.

Moreover, Ibloom products are also known for its scent. Not the disgusting rubbery scent found in most toys but a delicious scent. You will never want to let go of your Ibloom squishy once you get a hang out of it. Ibloom products are sold in many designs, sizes, and shapes you will never run out of options.

  1.    Character Squishies

Character squishies are super fun to collect. If you are a toy enthusiast, you will most likely find every squishy toy available for your favorite character. From Hello Kitty squishy, Disney character squishy, Chopper squishy, stitch squishy, and many more, you will be most likely to a lost count of your options.

What are the benefits of squishy toys?

Let’s take a look at the benefits that it can offer once you invest in a squishy toy.

  •    It reduces the level of stress in your body- as what we’ve mentioned above; squishy toys are great an alternative to plain and boring stress balls. The satisfaction that it can provide can help in relieving the stress from your body. Squishy toys are most popular in medical students, professionals in the medical field, engineers, and IT professionals.
  •    Great home decor- squishy toys are also great home decorations if you are looking for something new. It’s durable, showcases your personality and personal preference, and you have a wide variety of options.
  •    Affordable- except for the Ibloom products, squishy toys are affordable. You can order online or visit your local store to buy one. Since most students are buying squishy toys, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pockets just to have one.

Now that you know the types of squishies and the benefits that it can offer keep these tips when it comes to buying your first squishy toys. It’s no surprise why squishy toys are getting more and more popular nowadays.