Is Joomla Just Good for Magazine Sites?

Why is Joomla So Much Better than WordPress?

Any CMS that achieves a notoriety or some level of fame on the Internet is bound to be hit with all sorts of misconceptions, mythologies and bad ideas; that is a given. In many cases, it’s an indication of success. Well, this is definitely the case with Joomla.

The big misconception was that its main use was for magazine site formats. Now this is an unfair characterization, but it is quite understandable. You see, when Joomla first came out it was used primarily for magazine type websites. People were looking for a web development platform that is content and graphics heavy; long and behold Joomla was born.

It definitely hit the ball out of the park because of the way it handled data and rendered

pages. It does this in a very efficient way. You can actually create tons of Joomla sites in a short period of time, due to its scalability and database management system. That’s how solid Joomla is, as far as an online content publishing platform goes.

It is no surprise then, given the tremendous job it did in enabling publishers of all stripes and backgrounds to come up with professional-looking online publications to be somehow typecast or stereotype as a magazine platform. This really is too bad because when you look at the DNA of Joomla and its core functionalities, its ability to render magazine sites actually speaks volumes to its ability to render a wide range of websites. Regardless, of what the specific type, form and function of website you’re looking for, Joomla will do a good job because that’s what it’s hardwired and hard-coded to do. This opens a tremendous range of flexibility and a cross functionality that you really can’t find anywhere else.

That’s why a lot of people would rather develop from Joomla than on WordPress when it comes to basic web development. You have tons of built-in tools as well as functionalities. There’s also no shortage of themes, add-ons, and plugins for the Joomla platform.

Make no mistake about it, Joomla is not just good for magazines; it does an amazing job for all sorts of websites as well. Whether you’re looking to build a forum, an online store or a data exchange website, take a long hard look at Joomla because it blows away competing platforms out of the water. It’s just packed solid with all sorts of features that you can turn on and off. It can even leave a lot of stuff on.

It’s as light or as heavy as you want. If you’re looking for something dependable, trustworthy, credible and battle-tested, you really have no other choice than this CMS.

The ace in the hole for Joomla is the fact that it is a battle tested tried and proven platform for all sorts of communication functionalities not just content presentation. While it does an amazing job as a blog CMS or magazine platform like WordPress, it is also a great forum platform. It also has great ad rotation plugin capabilities. When it comes to going beyond the call of duty, very few of its competitors can hold a candle to its robust functionality and performance.