How Can Joomla Help?

Build a Thriving Online Community in the World of Social Media

How Can Joomla Help You Build a Thriving Online Community in the World of Social Media

It’s become apparently clear that the old rules no longer apply to content publishing. Now, this may come as a surprise to a lot of bloggers because a lot of people think that as long as you have a distinct voice and you have access to great content, then you can put up a winning blog. You can engage people and give them the information that they’ve been looking for and otherwise, develop a tremendous amount of loyalty and community. While all of that is true to some extent; please understand, that the world has changed with the rise of social media and closely following it – mobile apps.

If you hang out at any Starbucks and look at the app people are using on their mobile phones, don’t be surprised to find out that they’re using Facebook. Currently, people are

interacting through Facebook in their mobile devices. Now, what does this have to do with online communities? What does this have to do with blogging?

Well, whatever online publishing that makes money has to take into account this mobile content driven reality. People are interacting with each other. People are plugged into their social networks and they’re using mobile devices to consume the content shared within that social networking platform.

Accordingly, your blogging activities have to plug into this. It has to make sense within this framework; otherwise, you are about to lose the game. You’re basically sticking to a content strategy that is outdated and is in danger of being wiped out by the latest trends in social media content consumption practices. This is why I recommend you build a community, instead of just a blog.

Now it may look like a simple blog and it’s as if you’re just going through the same steps as a typical blogger does; however, you can tell the difference based on the social elements of your blog and how you promote and share your content on social media. This is the edge that will put you over the top. This is the point of difference that would make your brand look superior compared to your competition.
This is what will put you head and shoulders over the other people that are trying to achieve the same results you’re after. It is as simple as having an online community.

When people feel emotionally invested in the content that you publish, they not only would want to read it again and dwell on your website and spend a tremendous amount of time there – this, of course, increases your potential revenues – they also end up doing something else. They are also more likely to share the word about your content to the people they respect and care about. Where do you think they would share that content?

Well, let me tell you, it’s not going to be through RSS feeds or email. Instead, they would share the word through social media. Whether we’re talking about Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook pages, Facebook groups; the word will get out. That’s why it’s really important to build your content based online community on the right platform.

Now, while WordPress is the default blogging platform and when it comes to magazine presentation and social media feasibility, I would suggest you go with Joomla. Joomla is more stable, more resource friendly and most importantly, Joomla gives you the functionalities that you need to build a thriving online community; that would mesh well with whatever following you develop on social media. In other words, it can help you build a thriving forum that you can then radiate through social media.
This is how blogs become really big. You start out with a blog, you build a forum on top of it and then you layer on social media. Each of these traffic sources end up reinforcing each other and you create an upward spiral of more and more traffic – as your content reaches more and more interested people.

Wouldn’t you want to write that spiral? If your answer is yes, then you need to install Joomla today!