With the use of a single button, the Halo rangefinder device eliminates any complications through the rangefinder technology. It is suggested for hunting due to the fact that it is hugely beneficial in all kinds of terrain that use a waterproof exterior. One Halo rangefinder review has revealed that this device managed to get a name for itself. However, what makes them special from the rest of the rangefinder models and brands happens to be their versatility.

Benefits of Halo Rangefinders


This device’s quality is really impressive alongside its special construction. Even without the use of the angle- and range- finding capabilities, it is a pretty a good monocular.


Well, at very close ranges of less than 10 yards, the distance might seem a little inaccurate however it’s within the obtainable one-yard-of-error for distances more than 10 yards.

Great Value for Your Money

The most appropriate reviews for the Halo Rangefinder were given by individuals that tried out the device on stable targets. Apparently, in the event that you are a very good hunter, you might be contented with the reading offered by this device.

Simple to Use

In comparison to other rangefinders that have a number of different buttons and modes, the Halo Rangefinder uses a single button that’s turned on immediately you press it down once, and a second time to collect the measurements.

Halo Rangefinder Review: An Overview of Halo Rangefinders

Here are some of the best Halo rangefinder review that will guide you which of these rangefinders are best to use during your hunting.

Wildgame Innovations Halo X Ray 600

This rangefinder is competitively priced, which is something that you’ll get from Wild Game Innovations. What surprised most hunters with this rangefinder are that it comes with features that you would be expecting from the almost every expensive range finder. Many experts and experienced hunters attest to the performance of this rangefinder.

It comes with features that you will definitely need when you are in the fields. It is even a perfect investment even if you are just an amateur hunter.

Here are its unique features:

Its ergonomic design makes it very compact that it will tightly fit on your hands. It is even designed lightly, which is another advantage for hunters. It has a non-slip housing that ensures you will never lose your grip from it, unless you intend to do it.
It possesses a capability in measuring up to six hundred yards with 6x magnification. A feature like this will apply only on reflective objects, but you will definitely find this helpful in general hunting. Many hunters got really impressed when they discovered it comes with a scan mode which provides the hunter the freedom in constant ranging.
Unlike the other standard rangefinders, this Halo X Ray takes into account the slopes for its Angle Indicating Technology.


Has a very affordable price when you compare its features and the product pack
The device’s scan mode provides the hunter the ability to acquire continuous ranging
Long range at 600 yards and even comes with high magnification. It is even very easy to use.
It has a compact size, highly durable and even suited to use for any weather condition
Can measure in either yards or meters. You can even switch in between modes easily.


If using an entirely new unit, its focus knob can get stiff
LCD can be difficult to read, especially when it is in low light or under a very bright sunlight.
The CR2 batteries of this unit can’t be found in any store easily, not to mention they can be very expensive, too.

The Halo XRT 500

A highly ranked rangefinder, the Halo XRT 500 is both efficient and affordable. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a pro hunter, this rangefinder will satisfy most of your wants.

Though it has compromised some of its features in order to make this affordable, its features will tell you that it has a lot to offer.

It is an extremely light unit, weighing only 11 ounces. It shows that it is easy for the hunter to carry this around without obstructions or fatigue at all. It even comes at a very compact design, making it easy to handle with one hand.

It can measure accurately at 500 yards, something that is very much respectable on a rangefinder with its class, not to mention it even possess a price like that.