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It is not very common to find a zombie survival MMO on mobile phones and Last Day on Earth is an exception. Since its launch in beta phase has managed to attract the attention of a less dedicated public to spend hours enjoying a program on their phones or tablets and has been captivated by its great potential in terms of survival and resource management. And is that what is involved in Last Day on Earth is merely survive, and for that, we will have to hunt, build, explore and kill, zombies and humans.

These wide possibilities of the game are reflected in a range of actions not easily digestible for the less experienced that can be found at once with a proposal not very common in Google Play or the App Store. That is why we have made these tricks for Last Day on Earth where you will be able to get started on the adventure with advice, but also deepen in it.

If we are used to the stories start with some joy, you should know that Last Day on Earth is a compendium of bad omens in the form of video games, but with very funny proposals.

Explore and craft

In addition to having to shoot at everything that moves without compassion, it is also essential that you build your own refuge or base to put a barrier between the character and the real fiery world. But you will not be able to lock yourself to wait for the food to come from the sky, but you will have to go out to explore in order to feed yourself and find material resources to get a better settlement and weapons.

Beware of what can kill you

In Last Day on Earth you can die in many ways, and although the most common is that a zombie or another human being liquidates you, also the lack of food, water or a poorly done exploration can make your character see earth before what you want

Through our tricks for Last Day on Earth, you will find the path of hope and survival from your initiation into an adventure to the process that will lead you to be the only survivor on Earth.

Before you get into the adventure to see them coming, it is advisable to point one by one our tips to survive in Last Day on Earth where you will receive the necessary instructions to stop being a novice in the adventure and move to the stage of maturity.

Once you know what you should and should not do, you should start collecting materials to build an impregnable base that separates you from all dangers and protects you from the cold. However, on your way out you will need to know how to kill many zombies and also what the best suits to withstand the onslaught of the fierce animals that you find on the pilgrimage in search of food. This is a tip that you must follow if you want to extend your survival in the zombie-infested world.