If you are in search of a fun way of imprinting wording and graphics design on fabrics and different materials, it is best you consider Heat transfer vinyl. Right before we get there, it is important that we get one thing out of the way. HTV or Heat transfer vinyl and Iron On is more like the same thing. Cricut most especially call their product Cricut Iron On, while every other brand calls it Heat transfer vinyl. If you come across someone that is talking about iron on or heat transfer vinyl, it is recommended you read this on milanclothing to get a clearer picture.

What Do You Use 651 Vinyl On?

When you find vinyl with 51 at the ending, it is important you know that it is a POV (permanent outdoor vinyl). Permanent outdoor vinyl implies that when you place it on a fabric or material, there is no chance of it ever coming off. It is the best option for projects that require some kind of permanent design, for instance, the front door, mailbox, or anywhere outdoor that will be a subject to weather. This doesn’t mean that it is not recommended for use on indoor items that are used regularly, for instance, the back of a laptop or a cell phone case, the issue is that it will not be removed easily. Also, it is the best option for imprinting designs to water bottles or mugs.

When you are making use of the 31 and 51 vinyl, you will make use of transfer tapes for the vinyl to be applied. There are different types, and when you have the right tools, they all work similarly.

Can You Use Adhesive Vinyl On A Shirt?

It is important you know that the 51 vinyl is not what is recommended for use on T-shirts. 631 or 31 vinyl is a vinyl that can easily be removed. You can make use of the 31 vinyl as a stencil on a t-shirt. However, there is a stencil material. You do not expect to have the vinyl on a t-shirt and expect that permanently stays on the shirt. You will find that it will come off with the movement of the shirt and it is not washable.

If you have a project that after a period you have to remove the vinyl, but it is necessary that it sticks because you can iron it on the fabric, removable adhesive vinyl is recommended for such projects. This vinyl is not advised to be used on mugs, water bottles or anything at all that find it’s way into the dishwasher. When making a car decal, you have to consider using either the removable 31 or the permanent 51. The choice you make depends on how long you intend for it to stay on.

Can Vinyl Be Used On Shirts?

Iron on vinyl and heat transfer vinyl are both useful for imprinting designs in t-shirts. In the market, there are different brands that you can choose from, among which include Cricut, Expressions, Siser Easy Weed, silhouette and much more. One highly recommended bread on the market is Siser, and it loves up to the hype and expectations. Honestly, it is best you know that in my own opinion, they are similar if you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. If perchance you will be ironing the vinyl on to fabric, it is best you settle for the pressing matters and the Cricut EasyPress.