About Us


About Witer.net

Witer.net is a service company that specializes in Joomla integration and custom project. We have had great success building small, big and humongous websites based on the amazing Joomla platform. We swear by this because it is completely scalable. It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is, you can easily scale it with Joomla.

Moreover, the CMS system has so many hooks, bells and whistles, that regardless of the function our client had in mind, we can come up with those functions using the CMS systems that default code with almost very little tinkering or modification. That’s how awesome it is. It’s as if it came out of the box ready, willing and eager to tackle and take on a wide range of functionalities and challenges.

Rival CMS

The same can’t be said for rival CMS systems like WordPress or Drupal. In fact, for rival systems, you have to be some sort of coding genius or computer programming rocket scientist to make heads or tails of their modification systems; not so with Joomla.

Our Passion

We are so passionate about this CMS that we have been offering professional integration modification and custom coding services to the global Joomla community. Our great success is a testimony to the fact, that a rising number of people are beginning to wake up to the tremendous range of benefits, scalability and flexibility of this particular CMS. We would love to hear about your service requests because we are confident that this CMS would be up to the job.

We Also Provide a Global Community Platform

Ask questions

In addition to offering our services, we also provide a global community platform, where people can ask questions and post answers regarding anything and everything related to the Joomla CMS. We share resources here. We highlight and clarify questions. We break down answers – whatever we need to do.

Get Informations

We ensure that people get the information they need; precisely at the time they need it. There are many websites that offer forum services and support materials, but the problem is when you look at the time stamps of the question and answer sessions, months have already passed before people post the right answer.

No Problems

Well, you won’t suffer from that problem here. We are quite active in encouraging community members to post questions, as well as answers. At the very least, you would get people encouraging you to look at certain parts of our reference systems, so you can get closer to the answer that you’re looking for.

We Don’t Mind Sharing competing Links

What makes witer.net stand apart from its competitors is the fact that we don’t mind linking to them. We don’t believe that traffic is so sacred and scarce, that we have to hog it for ourselves or face the danger of somehow polluting our sales message. Our primary concern here is to share the good word about Joomla and really enlighten the world as to the tremendous capabilities, features and benefits it brings.

The fact that we benefit professionally from its implementation and spread is really just icing on the cake. It is a mere afterthought because the more business that benefits from this content management system the happier we become. That is just the best solution out there. Nothing actually even comes close. In light of all this, we don’t think twice when sharing competing links. We may be driving traffic to another company that is offering the same services as us, but we couldn’t care less because we’d rather get people excited on the CMS and lose a few bucks, instead of keeping it all in the dark and hoping that our customers stay loyal to us.

Help Us Take This Resource Site to the Next Level

With all the above said. We’d like to conclude with a plea for help. We need your help. We want you to let us know how we can improve this website. Let us know if the content that we present here is clear. Let us know if the navigation system enables you to quickly and efficiently find information that you’re looking for. Let us know if there are any subject categories that we have overlooked or done a bad job in.

Whatever the case may be, help us in our mission of spreading the word about Joomla. We can’t succeed with this mission without your help. We need your feedback and we need your encouragement. Best of all, we need your questions. The more questions you ask, the more we can step up our game and give people the answer that they need, when they need it the most.