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Joomla is undoubtedly, a powerful CMS; your business can use to expand.

While there is no shortage of CMS or content management systems available to online publishers and businesses, Joomla has established quite a bit of a reputation – just like WordPress which is very easy to use – it also has a broad collection of dedicated developers. These are unpaid professionals who produce a wide range of themes, add-ons, plugins and enhanced functionalities that take Joomla’s default features and capabilities to a much higher level.

Fits the job

Whether you’re looking for a magazine, website, forum or any kind of upgraded website, Joomla is up to the job. It really is quite a shame that it isn’t as popular as WordPress. After all, when it comes to online CMS systems, a few can hold a candle to WordPress

More Features

Joomla offers a more comprehensive set of features and values than WordPress. With WordPress you get a CMS that is inherently a blogging platform. It does a great job with blogging but with everything else, it has to be fine-tuned and adjusted. In other words, if you are building a website or an online resource, you have to play around with the inner machinery of WordPress to ensure that it operates in a very fluid and a predictably excellent manner.

100 Million Installations

It has hundreds of millions of installations. It is used extensively for both public and private testing and development. It has become the default standard of online content management, as well as web publishing on the Internet. With that said, WordPress is not perfect. This is where Joomla comes in.

Out of the box

You don’t have any of those headaches when it comes to Joomla. Out of the box, Joomla has been engineered to be an online publishing platform. It is intended primarily for website publishing, as well as website-related support services and add-ons. Not surprisingly, it brings a lot of features to the table that you don’t get with other types of CMS.


The first thing that comes to mind, when people ask me why should I install Joomla instead of WordPress, is the word stability. As I mentioned above, Joomla from day one, was designed for website publishing. It’s all about putting information online. It’s all about making sure that information is readily accessible for people from anywhere in the world.

To make this happen, a lot of stability and mission-critical data handling has been engineered into Joomla; so that it’s able to accommodate ten visitors, in the same way as it would accommodate ten million visitors. Now, that is stability. You get a solid work force when you install Joomla, if you are an online publisher – whether you’re just publishing a home page for your business or a comprehensive resource website or even a blog.

Open Source Reliability and Debugging

While Joomla is less popular than WordPress, it does have a massive install base among millions of developers on the Internet. This enormous install base that is widely distributed from all over the world, provides a ready source of reliability and debugging.

How? If a Joomla update comes out problematic, you can bet that somebody somewhere will sit up and pay attention. Not only will they notice, but they will also spread the word, so people will ask for the bug to be taken care of. Furthermore, Joomla developers are quite proactive. So don’t be surprised if they take the initiative and actually come up with a debugging solution.

They’re not just going to lie down and wait for Joomla’s official developers to fix the problem. They would take the bull by the horns and come up with a fix or solution themselves. That’s how proactive, interactive and aggressive Joomla’s global distributed quality assurance system can be.


Integration is the Name of the Game

Joomla has been around for such a long time that it has seen more than its fair share of integration issues. This is why when you compare it with Drupal or WordPress, it wins time and time again in terms of integration. There is no guesswork. It’s very easy to integrate with all sorts of functions and existing databases.

You don’t have to jump through hurdles or make unnecessary leaps of logic. Everything just fits into place. There’s no convoluted twisting involved. Integration is built-in as long as you know your way around code.

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Given all the amazing advantages you get with Joomla, we are proud to present a wide range of reference material source from all over the Internet that will enable you to master Joomla. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate coder or you are a true Joomla professional, you will have access to all these free world resources and reference materials on our website. Use these materials to deepen your knowledge so you can take your Joomla expertise to a much higher level. There’s always room for improvement and we have made it possible for you to continuously improve your skills.

Benefit from our resource collection; it’s as extensive as we can possibly make it. In fact, we actively recruit each and every one of our visitors to let us know about any resources that we may have overlooked, so we can include them in our collection. Let our community help you get on track with Joomla. Explore it today and use our reference and resource materials, so you can see for yourself, how you stand to benefit from this amazing open source, online publishing tool.

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